WWE Money in the Bank results

WWE Money in the Bank results

(That’s an important wrinkle in MitB events; whomever wins will be exhausted, beaten down and of course, ripe for being beaten by the briefcase-holder should he choose to immediately capitalize.) But it’s these six men who have held the banner high for the Blue Brand in the past months and it only makes sense they’d be the ones thrown into the ladder match. With audibles being considered for Brock Lesnar along with juicy rumors on the usage for Roman Reigns and John Cena, the idea of WWE making SummerSlam a dream card is becoming a reality. Jinder has, credit due, excelled in his facials and aggression. Hence, Orton has to digest another loss continuing the hometown curse for the WWE Superstars.

The Singh Brothers stop and stare the Legends down and get mocked.

Little has been dedicated to Orton himself.

That leaves me with Corbin, who is not only a heel, but can gain a measure of revenge on Zayn by costing him the match and going on to win. Yet tonight’s event seems more intriguing than any in recent memory. Why?

Right off the top, I am knocking off Owens, Styles and Ziggler. I take inspirations from past superstars, and a lot of it is just my own thinking too. So no matter who wins and when they take advantage of their championship opportunity, the odds are favorable that the script will close with a title change. Corbin is still a ways away, but he will get to look like a monster here. Therefore, Nakamura can be ruled out as Sunday’s winner; look for the victor to be either Corbin or Zayn.

I personally thought Money in the Bank would feature both shows, especially with the championships on each show, but it is an exclusive Smackdown event. I’ll let that break the logjam. He’ll cash in and be a bland, aggravating champion by years end. The first person to climb a ladder and unhook the briefcase wins the match, and the contract. Ryder sold a reaggravated left knee injury throughout most of the match until the eventual hot tag to Rawley.

Widro – Should be a fantastic match.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) (c) vs. Bringing him back and placing him directly in the title scene would give him a huge boost.

Schuerman – The Usos are just SO 2014, and their promos are out of this world horrendous. However, the powers that be are clearly looking to have The Ravishing Russian a top spot in WWE as soon as possible. I’ve only been doing this four and a half years.

MATTHEW ASHER: Given WWE’s love of giving Charlotte so many “firsts” in her brief career in WWE proper, her winning the case isn’t that much of a stretch. I’m not sure, but I’ll guess and go with … However, the MITB is usually to make us main event wrestlers, .as I said earlier, but it also favors the heels or those about to make a heel turn.

Matthew Wilkinson: If given enough time this could be a very entertaining tag team match. Then I woke up the next day with all these bruises. New Day won, but only by count-out. I’ll tell you one thing. Carmella would be the ideal opportunist, and Natalya would work in that position too. But even more likely would be a Lana win with an immediate cash-in from any woman with the contract.

Another promo ran on this week’s episode of Raw hyping John Cena’s return on the 4th July – but not just to Smackdown. Could she capture the title in her first match since coming to the blue brand?

Schuerman – If anyone but Charlotte of Becky wins this, this was a complete waste of time and effort. It’s another milestone for the Total Divas star, who has worked for every opportunity given to her over the course of more than a decade with the company.